Tomáš Hertl

Český hokejový reprezentant, útočník San Jose Sharks.

Se Sport Investem spolupracuje od juniorského věku.


Jméno Tomáš Hertl
Datum narození 11. 12. 1993
Místo narození Praha, ČR
Výška 188 cm
Váha 95 kg
Sport Hokej

Tomáš Hertl's extraordinary talent was well known ever since his childhood years, but he had been struggling for a long time with health problems that prevented him from fully blossoming. When his older brother Jaroslav joined Sport Invest at the age of 18, he mentioned Tomáš, his persistent complications with his groin, frequent illnesses, and dissatisfaction with his then agent. Soon the Sport Invest family was extended to include Tomáš. Our experts were immediately impressed with him and it did not take long for them to discover the root of his long-term problems. With his tall frame and way of moving on the ice, where he spends most of his time hunched forward, he was putting far too much strain on his abdominal muscles and from there the pain went down to his groin. Based on this diagnosis, our fitness trainers ordered special training exercises for the abdominal muscles and coordinated the training plan with then Slavia coach Vladimír Růžička, and within a short time everything was resolved.

The second complication for Tomáš was the frequent illness caused by asthma problems. Three, sometimes four times a year, he took antibiotics that weaken the body and prevented him from training, and his physical condition suffered. In cooperation with the best immunologist in the Czech Republic, we managed to solve this problem and the results were soon evident. At a crucial time in the life of a young hockey player – the transition from the youth to the male category – Tomáš could firmly rely on his health. While he was not in good form at the world championships for under eighteens in 2011 due to health problems and scored only one point in six matches, the following season he already shone in the extraliga for Slavia Prague. He earned a place in the line-up, recording 25 points and gaining an excellent position ahead of the NHL draft, in which he was the focus of many clubs. Eventually the San Jose Sharks selected him in the first round. After consulting with Slavia coach Růžička, who promised Tomáš a position in the first line, we together decided to postpone his overseas departure. The following season was a breakthrough: at the age of 19 he became the star of the league and also part of the world championship squad. While originally Tomáš was purely a centre, in the last few years at Slavia he had to learn to play right wing, which soon proved to be a prerequisite for success on the international stage.
After this season, it was clear to us that if Tomáš was to continue to grow as a hockey player, it would not be in the Czech league. Despite the fact that Vladimír Růžička wanted him to remain in Slavia for another year, the offer of a rookie contract from San Jose and the great interest from general manager Doug Wilson convinced us that he was ready to enter the best league in the world. We knew that a spot on the left wing in the first line next to the legendary Joe Thornton had opened up and secretly hoped that Tomáš's talent and hard work in training camp would give him a chance at this position. And that's what happened! Tomáš was one of the first players in the history of San Jose to jump into the NHL without spending time at the farm. Playing next to Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski he scored goals, assisted and defended well and was the biggest surprise of the NHL season. The highlight was a match against the New York Rangers in which he scored four goals. The transition was eased by his cheerful and optimistic nature, thanks to which he quickly meshed with his teammates and befriended the stars of the team. Tomáš's fantastic season unfortunately ended too soon thanks to a hit by LA's Dustin Brown. Broken ligaments, surgery, end of the season.

Our partner agency in the USA Newport Sports Management did a great job arranging treatment for Tomáš's injured knee. It secured Tomáš care at a Cleveland clinic with one of North America's top experts, Anthony Miniaci. In a difficult situation, cooperation between us and the Sharks has worked well. The team supported Tomáš all along and paid all expenses associated with the treatment. After a challenging surgery and convalescence, Tomáš was ready for the start of the next season and gradually became a key player for San Jose and a fan favourite. He has achieved the same position on the Czech national team, which he always enjoys playing for.


Robert Kostka, executive director of Sport Invest Hockey:

"Tomáš has always had a passion for hockey, which he loves and has sacrificed everything for. He has suffered many difficult moments because of his health, but thanks to his eternal optimism and positive thinking, he has always been able to return even stronger. The reward for all his trouble is his contract in the NHL, where he plays a key role for a top team. I don't know a single person who could say anything bad about Tomáš. He's a nice guy whom everybody likes. He's got his priorities straight and the money hasn't gone to his head. His parents must be proud of him."


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Hned v první sezoně si Tomáš vybojoval pevnou pozici v prvních dvou formacích Žraloků.



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Ačkoliv si v NHL přijde na 3 miliony dolarů za rok, zůstal vždy tím skromným klukem, který za moře před pár lety odcházel.