That's Ester Ledecká


Name Ester Ledecká
Date of birth 23. 3. 1995
Place of birth Praha, ČR
Height 173 cm
Weight 68 kg
Sports Alpine skiing, snowboarding
Ski team ICE TEAM.CZ
Ski coach Tomáš Bank
Snowboard team Dukla Liberec
Snowboard coach Erich Pramsohler a Sigi Grabner

You will not find a better snowboarder or skier in the Czech Republic. Ester Ledecká has also had this position confirmed "officially". In the last two years, the Czech Skiers' Union has declared her the winner of the King of the White Footprint poll. So Queen Ester rules the Czech Republic. "I appreciate the award. It is not only about my accomplishments, but also a tribute to the whole team, the sponsors and the fans; so I thank everyone so much for allowing me to have this beautiful crown," said Ledecká.

At the age of 22, this versatile athlete has become a celebrity, a sought-after brand and an exclusive good for partners. Following on the heels of her successful collaboration with Audi and Coca-Cola laer, thanks to the work of the marketing team from the Sport Invest agency, she has added two other brands: Lina and ROBE Lighting. "I was delighted to attach my name to these brands. I carefully choose not only the members of my team but also the partners I work with," said Ledecká.

In the first case, Ledecká built on successful cooperation with other athletes – kayaker Vavřinec Hradilka and rower Ondřej Synek. After running a campaign with well-known sports figures, Lina recorded its most significant year-on-year increase in market share (60%). And now they are aiming at even better numbers. Synek and Ledecká are here to help them. They have become the main faces of a brand that claims "Lina is different".

Ledecká is different too. She is unusual in her versatility. After all, she won gold at this year's Snowboard World Championships and World Cup. And in skiing she is among the top in the world. She combines both sports during the season, which is unique in the world. In addition she studies at the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. In May, she was awarded the prestigious Matteo Baumgartner Prize for young athletes who combine top competition with studies.

Ledecká is also a big medal hope at the upcoming Olympic Games in South Korea. In addition to classical media appearances, she can be seen on billboards, television spots and social networks. And not only in connection with Lina.

Another proud partner is Czech company ROBE Lighting, a world leader in the development of lights for TV studios, theatres, concert halls and concerts, clubs, bars and architecture. "We are trying to support home-grown athletes who have the right drive," said marketing manager Jiří Baroš on behalf of Ledecká's new main partner. "Ester Ledecká is very close to us in terms of her talent and approach to life. She is among the world's top, just like our products. She's a go-getter, progressive and innovative. All of these qualities bring us together."


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